About 30GO30

There's something you've been putting off.

Maybe it's writing the Great American novel, or maybe it's just finally cleaning out the garage. Even if the task started out small, somehow, along the way, it turned into a Herculean ordeal. What was once just a box on your to-do list now seems nearly impossible.

Worse yet, in the back of your mind, this thing (and there's probably more than one, if you're being honest with yourself) has become a constant reminder of your failure. One way or another, something has to change.

Real change is hard.

There are no secrets or short-cuts. We at 30GO30 are procrastinators, just like you. We're not here to uncover the deep, dark mysteries of why you are the way you are.

We're here to get you started – today.

30GO30 is based on a simple idea. What if you spent 30 minutes for the next 30 days working on that task you've been putting off? I mean REALLY working – no email, no Facebook, no TV in the background.

30GO30 is a tool designed to show you just how powerful 30 minutes can be. It's also a blog – by procrastinators, for procrastinators – to help you put this simple idea to work.