This is an update to my 1-year long Year-42 Project, a set of long-term challenges culminating on my 42nd birthday (July 28, 2012).

It's been a crazy 2012, and I'm already 3/4 of the way done with the Year-42 Project. Here's the scoop on where I'm at...

Part 1 - Fitness goals

Although it's not technically a part of the Year-42 plan, my 50,000 push-up goal is coming along - I just topped 21K. Unfortunately, running has taken a back seat to some other things in life, so I'm not sure if I'm going to make the last 2 original goals.

  • 5K - Beat 2007 race PR (27:47)
  • 5K - Run the full distance
  • Push-ups - Do 200 in 6:00
  • Push-ups - Do 100 in 2:00 (1 set)
  • 5K - Beat 2006 treadmill PR (26:55)
  • Sit-ups - Do 50 in 2:00*

Part 2 - Diet goals

I'm finally 28 days soda-free. I'm shooting for 30 days, which should be no problem at this point. I'm not sure I'll give it up 100% after that, but I'm going to call the goal completed. With that, my original diet goals are done.
  • Give up soda completely
  • Go 30 days without dairy
  • Eat 5+ veggies/fruits per day

Part 3 - Learn Chinese

I decided to put this on hold for now. Some major life/family events left me with less time in the day, and I decided that 30 minutes/day every day to learn Chinese wasn't viable right now. I'm ok with this one - it was a conscious choice that need to be made.
  • Finish Pimsleur CDs (7/16)
  • 100 Intermediate lessons
  • 50 Upper intermediate lessons
  • 100 ChinesePod Newbie lessons
  • 100 Elementary lessons

Part 4 - All the rest

Only 3 books left on my unread original unread pile, and one is 70% finished. The last 2 are tomes, but I think this one is going to happen.

Only 3 months to go.

Other than putting the Chinese on hold, I'm feeling good about the project. A lot of positive habits have stuck through the 9 months, and I've been able to hang on to momentum even under a ton of stress.

05 Dec – Andy Kuiper

Ack! - you've made a lot more progress on your goals than I have... seeing your crossed out (completed) goals is sort of depressing and inspiring at the same time ;-)