I have mixed feelings about resolutions. I wrote last year about resolutions vs. real resolve and my friend Dan wrote a great post this past week about the pitfalls of resolutions. As 2012 was approaching, I realized I was done talking about it for a while – I just wanted to do something.

Ever since I finished the 100 push-up challenge in October, I've been looking for a new challenge. So, when fellow inspired lunatic Brian Wu suggested a 100 push-up a day challenge for 2012 over at The Impossible League, I jumped on board. The challenge was simple – do 100 push-ups every day in 2012, for a total of 36,600 (it's a leap year).

36,600 didn't feel right.

I like round numbers, and 36,600 just sounded weird. So, in a holiday-inspired out-of-body episode, I apparently agreed to do 50,000 push-ups. I exercise 6 days/week, so it amounts to roughly 160 per workout day. Luckily, I didn't do that math before I said "yes". To be fair, Brian was pursuing multiple goals, so I wasn't really one-upping anyone. I just felt like pushing my own limits.

But why stop there?

I've been adding some good, old-fashioned sit-ups into my workout mix the past few months, so I figured I'd up the ante. Just before the new year, I settled on a final goal of 50,000 push-ups and 25,000 sit-ups. We've got a team Google doc to keep us honest, and I'm tracking my progress on Fitocracy.

Is this a Resolution?

I'm honestly not sure, and I don't think that one word stands between success and failure. My Year-42 Project has reinforced my belief that long-term goals matter. Some things, like exercise, aren't just short-term challenges – they're lifetime habits. When you can stick to something for a year, you've come a long way in building a real habit.

So, don't be shy. Tell me about your own big plans for 2012. You don't have to use the R-word.

22 Mar – y0z2a


How are you getting on with this? I had been doing 100 pushups since new year and am a bit bored of it to be honest.

Are you like one of those 12 weeks & I'm ripped ads?



22 Mar – Dr. Pete

@y0z - 16,500 as of this morning :) I'm doing about 200/day, 6 days/week, and yes, it's a little boring. Remarkably, though, consistently doing push-ups/sit-ups everyday, as simple a routine as that is, has me stronger than I've ever been. I need to diversify and I'm not going to shoot for 100K next year or anything, but it's been a great experience so far.

22 Mar – y0z2a

Hats off.

That's some going.

When you say stronger - how are you measuring that - just in terms of how you feel - or you're lifting cars up for fun now.


22 Mar – Dr. Pete

@y0a - Admittedly, it's just my perception. I have a toddler and have been moving a lot of things (we're selling/buying a house), and I'm noticing a lot of changes in my functional strength. Things that were hard or even impossible without help before are significantly easier.

05 Jul – David

When you've completed your 50,000 push ups, send a copy of the log to Tom Callos. He started this Ultimate Black Belt for Martial Arts and 50k push ups is a minimum requirement.

26 Dec – Johan

To help you and your friends to follow you register a contest at pushupcontest.com and download the iPhone or Android app, then you can register pushups everywhere!

25 Jan –

50,000 pushups - Way to go! My own goal is to do 67 per after other day (I find as I age I need to at least 1-2 days of repair and recovery) which is how old I'll be in Sept. of course I paln to do all 67 at one time. Currently up to 34. Stay Strong!

25 Jan – Dr. Pete

@Pete - Thanks, and good luck! The 6 day/week thing wasn't the greatest long-term plan. In 2013, I'm doing a more traditional 3 days of upper body, 3 days of lower body per week - letting the muscle groups rest a bit. I'm 42, so I definitely feel it some days.