It's January 2011, and that means it's time to get to work. The point of 30GO30 is to find out what you can do in 30 days, if you really focus (even for just 30 minutes/day). I'm not here to lecture you, attain guru status, and start hosting exclusive retreats in the Bahamas. I started this blog as an excuse to get myself in motion, and, hopefully, to take a few people along for the ride.

The rules are simple.

Every couple of months, starting next week, I'll post a new 30-day challenge. You can participate any way you like – including using the online tracker or paper tracker here on 30GO30. I'm not here to judge you – do the challenge however it fits your life, and if you miss a day here and there (or decide to take weekends off), don't sweat it. I'll try to give each challenge a 6-8 week window, so that there's room for a few missteps.

This isn't reality TV.

I have to admit that I kind of admire people like or who go all out for their 30-day experiments, but this blog is about practical, day-to-day life changes. I want to hit the basics – exercise, diet, bad habits, good habits, learning new things, organizing, etc. I want you to participate.

I'll keep the challenges general. For example, I won't post a 30-day challenge like "Learn How to Scuba Dive," but I might post a challenge like "Pursue A New Hobby." I want this blog to be a learning experience – I want to hear what you're doing, how it's going, and where you're running into trouble.

I'll practice what I preach.

I will do my best to participate in every challenge, and if I fall short or screw it up, I'll admit it. Each week during a challenge, I'll post my own progress. I'll encourage you to talk about your progress in the comments of those updates.

So, let's get started.

Next week, I'll post the first 30-day challenge. Here's a hint – it's something we probably all should do after we spend an entire holiday season eating cookies.

04 Jan – drmagoo

Wash them down with a nice glass of milk?

04 Jan – Dr. Pete

Yes, it's 30 days of hardcore dairy consumption. It'll be tough, but somebody has to do it :)

And by "yes", I mean "no".