Books on Productivity

Most days, to really use your time well, I think you just have to put down the books and get started, but if you're looking for a few decent books, I highly recommend the following titles:

The 30 Day BudgetThe 30 Day Budget
by Dr. Peter J. Meyers (2011)

30GO30's first guide, a 30-page workbook designed to help you think differently about money. This is a combination of 30-day challenges and 3 sets of 10-day challenges, and it's not for the queasy. Learn to make concscious choices in your financial life. Best of all, it's free.

by Stephen R. Covey (2004)

Covey's book is not only a productivity classic, but it's the first time management book I remember reading that really had a measurable impact on how I live and work. Covey's 4 Quadrants alone are worth the cover price, and will help you understand why you spend your entire day putting out fires (and how to avoid it).

by David Allen (2002)

The near-cult status of Allen's GTD method turned me off at first, to be honest. When I finally read the book, I was amazed how flexible his approach is. Allen really helps you understand your own process and find the gaps, using the methods and tools you already have.

by William Kamkwamba & Bryan Mealer (2010)

Ok, this isn't a productivity book at all, but if you're tired of hearing your own excuses, read the story of a boy who, with no education and in the midst of famine and drought, learned engineering, built a windmill, and brought power to his village and life. One of the most inspirational books I've ever had the pleasure to read.