This is a personal entry for my 30-day Trusting Myself challenge, part of Seth Godin's #Trust30 project, inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It's finally done – 30 days, 30 posts. Feels good. I can't say that every post was genius, but plenty were good, and I put honest thought and effort in every day.

While we all had complaints about the occasional day/question, I think the overall trust aspect of the challenge really did come through. Not only did we have to commit to a writer's version of Truth or Dare, but we had to commit to saying the answers out loud. I clicked "Yes" fast when I first read the challenge, not because I was 100% sure, but because I knew I'd chicken out if I stopped to think about it.

Since you're probably not going to go back and read all 30 of my posts (if you loved me, you would *sniff*), I've picked my 3 favorites:

  1. (Day 22) The Enthusiastic Boy
  2. (Day 12) Lilliputians of Fear
  3. (Day 3) Delusions of Grandeur

If you're really bored, here's the whole hot mess:

29 Jun – MikeTek

Big ups for this Pete - bold improvisation and well-played.

I read along most of the way ( I think I missed 2-3 posts) and enjoyed the ride.

Did this start any fires for you - things you may revisit? Or just happy to have worked the muscle?

29 Jun – Dr. Pete

@Mike - I hinted at this on Day 26, but I think I finally started thinking of myself as a "writer". I'm always trying to avoid that word, for some reason, like it's reserved for novelists. I love creating content, and I plan to do more of it.

30 Jun – Rich Perrotti

Great recap Pete. I love the "thinking of myself as..." just as much. Follow where it leads.


30 Jun – Dr. Pete

Thanks, Rich, and thanks for the support during the process. I'm slightly annoyed that I wrote my recap and then they managed to find a 31st day in the 30-day challenge, but I'm going to conveniently ignore that :)